How to install packages in Linux

Ways to install packages on Ubuntu:

There are three way to install a software in Ubuntu

  • Terminal
  • Synaptic Package Manager
  • Ubuntu Software Center

Following are the guide line to install a VLC player in Ubuntu


Open a Terminal by using Ctrl+Alt+T or Applications->Accessories->Terminal. You need to have root access to install a software.

There are two ways:

1) To install a software as normal user, use “sudo” before the command. Type the password for the user, when prompted. Remember the user must be in sudoers list.

sudo apt-get install vlc

2) To install as root user, type the following and enter the password for root, when prompted.

user@user$ su -
root@user$ apt-get install vlc

Synaptic Package Manager:

Open Synaptic Package Manager by selecting¬†System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager, then type VLC in quick search box. Packages related to VLC will be listed here. Select VLC from the package list and choose “mark for installation” option then click apply.

Ubuntu Software Center:

Open Ubuntu Software Center by selecting Applications->Ubuntu Software Center, then type VLC in search bar. VLC player and some related packages will be listed, select VLC and click install.

Thats it, you have successfully installed VLC player and is ready to use!

  • Nice tutorial. Change the permalinks

  • prithvi

    why don’t you give a guide on installing software from source packages?

  • Alluri.Hemanth

    I need , how to use add/remove packages in fedora 15..i found to install apps very easy in ubuntu 11.10/11.04..I need that same process in fedora..

    will you please tell me is there any process to install any app i like..?? how can i found apps that fit for fedora 15..??

    I am new to linux..i am beginer.mail me..