Rate your Python Program

Are you a Python programmer? What is your coding rate out of 10? Want to know how to rate your Python program?

Then, here is an interesting topic about how to rate Python program!

Pylint is a tool which rates the Python program.

Pylint analyses the Python source code, checks for bugs and then reports the quality of program in percentage.The rating is on a scale of 10.

Pylint is similar to PyChecker, but it offers features like checking for coding standard, checking the length of the line in code and more.

How to Install Pylint in Linux / Ubuntu

To Install Pylint, use EasyInstall because it will automatically install all the dependencies needed. Copy and paste the below command in the terminal and type the password for the user when prompted.

sudo easy_install pylint

How to use Pylint

It should be used in the terminal “pylint” is the command which is used. Check the below example to understand the clear concept about Pylint.

pylint example.py

When the above command is typed, it gives the report on the program “example.py”. The example ouput is shown in the below screen shot.

Enjoy rating your python program!

  • This is a good code evaluation tool

  • Ajith

    very informative….:-)