Foss Lab Manual

The most awaited change has come up in the syllabus of Engineering students. The addition of “Foss Lab Manual” will bring in more creativity in programming and will increase the ability of the budding engineers to write their own programs / softwares. This includes the fundamental concepts of Linux OS which is an essential learning for programmers and developers.

Here in How Opensource we share the manual which has exercises and instructions which would assit the students. The manual can be accessed using the below link.

Download: Foss Lab Manual.

CS2406 Open Source Lab Syllabus for Anna University Click Here.

Any queries on the execution of these exercises will be addressed here. Do post your queries!

  • sathish

    hello sir,

    your site howopensource is really usefull for us.I am doing B.E Cse.I got Foss Lab this semester.If ur publishing our lab execrise it will usefull for us.
    thanks in advance.

  • I am glad that my site is helpful to students like you. I will post the “Foss Lab” tutorials soon. Do write for further queries.

  • swadini

    Its easy to gain knowledge…

  • swadini

    Its easy to gain knowledge…