How to upgrade / patch latest kernel 3.0 in Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10, 10.04 and Fedora 15 / 14

In my previous post I explained how to compile and install linux kernel 3.0 in Ubuntu and Fedora. I mentioned about patch in that post and here we go how to upgrade or apply patch kernel 3.0.1 to kernel 3.0. If you like to upgarde between the releases then you need to download the latest patch, and follow the steps below.

To download the kernel 3.0.1 patch

Click Here or run the folowing command in terminal.


Once finished downloading the patch, open a terminal and become a root user by running the following command. Type the password for the root, when prompted.

su -

After logging in as root in terminal, move to the top directory of the kernel or use following command.

cd /usr/src/linux-3.0/

Fedora users before you applying the patch, you need to complete all the pending transaction or you may get error. Run the following command to complete all pending transaction. Ubuntu users skip this and directly move to the next step.


To Patch

To apply the patch you need to specify the path of the patch file, for example if it is in Downloads then check / run the following command,

bzcat /home/user/Downloads/patch-3.0.1.bz2 | patch -p1

*NOTE: In the above command change “user” to your system “user name“.

Thats it, patch applied successfully.

To compile and install kernel 3.0 or kernel 3.0.1

Fedora Users Click Here.

Ubuntu Users Click Here.

To install kernel 3.0 or 3.0.1 debian packages in ubuntu

For Kernel 3.0 Click Here.

For kernel 3.0.1 Click Here.

Hope this will be helpful for you!!!