Get Live Cricket Score Notification on Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora/Debian/Linux Mint)

GillyCricket is the one which update you the current cricket scores by notification on your Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Fedora OS or you can also use the simple gui tool which supports on Windows 7 / Ubuntu / Fedora / Linux Mint.

GillyCricket is developed using Python. It works faster even on slow internet connection.

For Android

This application is also available for Android.

To Install GillyCricket

Download the tar / zip file from GitHub or use the below command in terminal to download the tar file.


If you have downloaded the tar file by using the above command then don’t change the directory or else change to the directory where the downloaded file is located.

For example if the downloaded file is in Downloads directory then use the below command.

cd Downloads/

Now extract the tar file by running the following command and type the password for the user, when prompted.

sudo tar -xvf PrasannaVenkadesh-GillyCricket-70ab0d7.tar.gz


sudo tar -xvf master

After extracting move to the extracted directory by running the following command.

cd PrasannaVenkadesh-GillyCricket-70ab0d7

Run the below command to install and type the password for the user when prompted.

For Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint

sudo sh

For Fedora

sudo sh

To run the GUI

Open a Terminal and Execute the following command.

Gilly &

After executing the command you will get the GillyCricket Gui window, Check the screen shot below.

Now, Click on the update to get the current cricket scores. Check the screen shot below.

To Get the Notification

To get the notification with the particular time intervals, for example you need to be notified for every 5 minutes then use the below command.

Gillylive 5

To Uninstall GillyCricket

Open a terminal and execute the following command, type the password for the user when prompted.

sudo removeGilly

Project Contributors

Prasanna Venkadesh: GitHub, Personal Blog and Founder of Puduvailug

Ganesh Katrapati: GitHub & Blog

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