Linux Kernel 3.5 Quantal Released

Linux Kernel 3.5 was released yesterday on July 21, 2012. Linux official page on Google + said

“Changes all over with almost 60% of the patch being drivers (mainly networking, GPU, media and sound, but it’s all over), 20+% arch updates, and 20% being “rest” (fs, core kernel code, core networking, tools, docs).

It’s been fairly calm, so there shouldn’t be any huge surprises there. As usual, you can find descriptions of the new stuff on sites like H-Online or Kernelnewbies. Stuff like filesystem tweaks, CoDel, structured logging, firewire target mode etc etc.”

Check the below links to install Linux Kernel 3.5

You can install Linux Kernel 3.5 debian packages directly or you can build / compile Linux Kernel 3.5 in Ubuntu 12.04 / Linux Mint.

To Compile Kernel 3.5 in Fedora 17 / 16 / 15.

Hope this will be helpful for you!!!