Check Page Rank of individual pages / post in a Blog / Website

You can check Google Page Rank of internal pages or post in a blog / website instantly using Google Chrome. If your not using google chrome browser just install it. To install Google Chrome browser you can check my previous post.

PageRank Status is the google chrome addon which shows the page rank and Alexa Rank of current webpages.

To Install PageRank Status Addon

Go to Chrome Web Store and type PageRank Status in the search box and enter. On the right pane you will get the search results, select PageRank Status and click on the Add to Chrome button. That’s it.

Addon is installed now and it is ready to show you the Page rank of a website. Check the screen shot below.

Now open a website or any page from a website to check the page rank of it. Once the page is loaded see the PageRank Status on the top right side of the chrome browser near address bar. Check the Screen shots below.

For Home Page

For a Page in Site

Hope this will be helpful for you!!!

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  • Jay

    Is there another way to look up individual posts URL pagerank that doesn’t require you to go through the actual pages through Chrome?

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