Disable Amazon search results in Ubuntu 13.04 / 12.10 Dash

InUbuntu 13.04 / Ubuntu 12.10 Unity has a new feature that when you search for an application in Dash, you will also get an shopping results by Amazon with your search results.

If you don’t like this Amazon shopping results in your dash search, you can disableDisable or Block USB device in Ubuntu it by removing the unity lens shopping or you have an option to off it on your privacy settings.

Disable Amazon Shopping Results in Dash

Go to your privacy settings in system settings and you will have an option to off it. To Open Privacy Settings type Privacy in Dash and select it from the results. Check the screen shots below.

Once you open the privacy settings you will see that “when searching in the Dash: Include online search results” is in ON.

Just Off that option by clicking on it. That’s it, Now you will not get an online results or Amazon Shopping results on your Dash search.

Alternatively you can also remove the unity lens shopping from your Ubuntu 12.10Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 12.10 Unity.

Remove Amazon shopping Results from Unity

Use the following command to remove it from Ubuntu 12.10. Copy and paste it on your terminalChange your default Shell (ctrl+alt+t) and issue the password for the user when prompted.

sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

After running the above command, restart your system. If you don’t like to restart your system then issue the following command in the terminal Install uTorrent in Ubuntu 12.10.

unity --replace &

Hope this will be helpful for you!!!