Solved W: Duplicate sources.list entry Ubuntu 13.04 12.10 12.04

In my earlier post on Things to do after installing Ubuntu 12.10 Marek has commented that, while using apt-get update he’s getting some error message on the terminal. Check the error below.


W: Duplicate sources.list entry quantal/partner amd64 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_quantal_partner_binary-amd64_Packages)

W: Duplicate sources.list entry quantal/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_quantal_partner_binary-i386_Packages)

W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems


This guide is to solve that error, you can easily get rid of this error by disabling the duplicate repository on the Software Sources or you can remove the duplicate repository.

Remove the Duplicate entry in source.list on Ubuntu 12.10

Go to the dash and type “software”, from the result open the Software Sources. Check the screen shot.

After opening the Software Sources, Click on the Other Software tab. Now you can find the duplicate entry on the source.list, Here its Canonical Partners. You can see the Canonical Partner entry for two times. Check the Screen shot.

Now Select any one of the entry and click on the Remove button.

Authenticate it, Issue the password for the user when prompted.

That’s it. Close the Software Sources and try updating your source.list.

To Disable, Just uncheck one entry from the two repeating entry.

Now you can update your source.list without any error.

Hope this will be helpful for you!!!

  • Jean Guy Duguay

    you can also remove the repository from previous add-app-repository command as follows:
    eg: sudo add-apt-repository –remove ppa:/ppa

    • Jean Guy Duguay

      sudo add-apt-repository –remove ppa:{name}/ppa

  • andea

    hi..I did try your suggestion but error message still appear..

    • HowOpenSource

      Hi andea,

      Copy and paste the error here.

  • paddy

    thank you boss!!!!now it is working properly!!!

  • Edwin Martinez Aguirre

    Thank you for your specific solution. It works on 14.04.1

  • I just open sources.list and removed the lines which were causing interruption while apt-get update……

  • Jon Groves

    i got linux mint tho # nang nang