Why Open Source is the future?

Open Source – The term most widely used today wherever you turn up, especially in the field of Web (i.e. Internet).

1. The Web itself is Open with HTML + CSS + JAVASCRIPT.

2. VLC Media Player , world’s most downloaded and top most player that plays whatever format you throw at it is Open Source.

3. The most popular Server Side scripting software PHP is Open Source.

4. The most widely used Web servers Apache Webserver, Nginx Webserver are Open Source.

5. Almost 90% of the Data Centers that powers the Servers are running the Linux Operating System which is again Open Source. 

6. The Smartphone market Leader worldwide – Android mobile Operating System is Open Source.

7. The World’s most popular Closed source Organization Microsoft is one among the Top contributors to the Open Source Linux kernel.

8. Most part of Apple product’s success is due to Open Source tools.

9. Mozilla Firefox – Well-known Open source Web-browser.

10. Ubuntu world’s 3rd widely used Operating system is Free and Open Source and many more.

With above all said, there are other reasons why Open Source is the future.


For Example:- A code once Open sourced (i.e the source code is visible to anyone else) is actually taking things forward. On seeing a code, you might get an amazing Idea to build something using that code. Estimated world’s total population by 2012 is around 7 billion, out of which You are 1, and others may have some other idea too. This way we are paving way for Innovative products.


Open source methodology reduces the Monopoly state. If not Open source, then the Individual or the Organization that produces the software will be charging as they wish because they only have the code and no one knows about how it was implemented. So being Open Source will bring out more competitions to build a quality product.

Security and Trust-worthy

Open Source software are highly secured and you can use it without any anticipation. The Source code of the Software is available and there are always communities behind every successful Open source Projects (Eg: Mozilla is the community behind Firefox – Open source web-browser). If any security vulnerability or threat or a severe bug is found in the code of the Open source project will always be fixed at very faster rate. The reason is, the code being visible to all, anyone with sound knowledge can take a look at it, scan for errors, file bug-reports and similarly anyone can fix the bugs or vulnerabilities. This is the reason that the Linux Operating system will always be ahead of any other operating system like Windows or Mac where there are large people who are contributing to Linux kernel, not just a single Organization. And with closed source not everyone can see the code and only the development team of the closed source product like Skype, Windows, etc., have to search for errors, security threats and fix them. Definitely this rate of fixing is less in closed source compared with Open source products due to large people involved.

Improving life with Education

With evolving compact devices like Raspberry Pi, Gooseberry, helps students to learn things. Computer has become part of everyone’s life, just like how we customize our things, people should be able to code and build their tools for their own needs. Definitely this is possible only when we take forward Open Source methodology. Just think, How can a Computer Science student can learn algorithms without an example code of how it is implemented ? Only when the code is available we learn from it. If code is hindered in the name of Closed Source, then we are stopping the Eco-System of social learning environment.

To conclude it is clearly evident that the World is travelling in the pace of Open Source methodology with Microsoft started promoting Open source methodology, Google thrives to contribute a lot to Open Source community with Google Summer of Code, Facebook & Twitter using and developing variety of Open Source tools, NASA’s Software are Open source by their Policy, The next era of computing ” Cloud ” is going to be taken over by Open source cloud software like Open Stack, Eucalyptus, Amazon web services and cloud services are powered by Open source tools, etc., and this is what we mean the Open Source is the Future.

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