A Tablet that runs both Linux & Android – PengPod

Linux and Android

While there is a rivalry between the top tablet manufacturers (Samsung running Android vs Apple Ipad running iOS) each other trying to suppress the rival’s products by investing more on Patents and wasting time by finding out what patents are being infringed instead of putting efforts on Research & Development of the product. This hinders the Innovation. There are really other Tablet PC’s that are new to the market.

Android being the leader in the Smart Industry, either Smartphone or Tablets is powered by Linux kernel 2.6.x versions. The best thing with Android is that Android’s flavour of linux kernel is merged now with the mainstream linux kernel. So if any improvement in Android kernel by Google developers means the same effect with the main stream Linux kernel and Vice-versa. This merge has brought a lot of improvements to linux kernel and now paved way for new innovations.


PengPod is a new series of Tablet PC’s that is capable of running both Linux kernel based Operating Systems like OpenSuse, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc., as well as Android Smartphone Operating System. Two models are introduced labelled ” PengPod 700 and PengPod 1000 “. This product is provided as a Crowd-funding project from Indiegogo. PengPod runs on Linux kernel 3.0.x version with booting from SD Memory Cards. These tablets are prized at low-cost compared to Google Nexus / Apple iPad / Samsung Tab(s). Below is the video from PengPod demostrating their product.

The Product Specifications looks good for the fixed prize of around $120 and for those who would love to have their GNU/Linux Operating system wherever they want along with Android in a well-performing tablet, this should do. We also have to remember recently Ubuntu started to port their Operating system to the Google Nexus 7 tablet. When people say “Linux” is portable, compact, customizable and it is probably true and these are very few examples.