Download Manager for Linux – FlareGet

Any Windows user, who are using Ubuntu or any GNU/Linux like LinuxMint, Fedora, etc., would definitely look for a Download Manager to download and manage files from Internet. Probably the most widely cracked and used software would be Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Internet Download Manager is not available for GNU/Linux, but you definitely do have Alternatives.

  1. FileZilla is one of the most popular Cross-platform client for FTP handling.
  2. JDownloader – another Download manager which matches with IDM.

In this post we are covering about FlareGet – A Full featured, Multi-threaded, and Multi-Segment Download manager and Accelerator as described by the Developer, who is a 4th year, Computer Science Student from NIT-Hamirpur, India.

To Install in Ubuntu:
You can install FlareGet in Ubuntu via Ubuntu Software Center itself.

Working Features

1. The description of this tool says it uses Dynamic File Segmentation algorithm just like what Internet Download Manager does to split the single file download into multiple segments to speed up the download.

2. Pause and Resume compatibility, Limiting number of downloads, Automatically categorizes the files based on the extension of the file, Multi-protocol supports includes HTTP, FTP, etc.

3. Smart Scheduler – that allows to schedule the download at particular time, Setting up Proxies, Clipboard Monitoring, HTTP Pipe-lining.


Proposed Features

1. Browser Integration – Automatically detects and pops-out to download if any download link is clicked on the browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc.

2. Flash Video Download has been proposed, but copy pasting Youtube video links doesn’t detect the Video, instead it saves the HTML pages (need to be implemented).

Missing Features

1. Option to Shutdown the system once the downloads are complete.

2. Option to delete the file permanently from the Application with a warning.

3. Option to Start the Application along with System Startup ( It can also be done manually by adding the Application to System Startup ).

Bugs to be fixed

Crashing often has to be fixed.

This Application may contain some more bugs, some features are missing now, some features has to be implemented yet. No application works perfect until next version. Do not expect everything to work fine as this is the first version. This Application is marked Open Source and now any developer can contribute to this Application to make it better. When an individual Student can bring this application live with such features, we can make it better by contributing code / fixing bugs / funding the developer. Open-source world really needs such quality tools.

  • ashish

    it’s not open source. only binaries are available.