[How to] back-up your Bookmarked links in Firefox?

All of us have the habit of bookmarking the website links for future reference either to use it ourself or to show the page to our friends. But, there can be hard times when we wanted to change our Operating system (or) to uninstall and reinstall Firefox web browser. During these times we will lose our favourite bookmarked links and you need to go and search again for those links and moreover we won’t remember all the bookmarked links. That sucks.

Not really, because Firefox rocks. You can always take a back-up of all your bookmarked links in either as a html (or) json file. Here is how to do it.

Step 1:- Open Firefox and then navigate to Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks (or) press Shift + Ctrl + o.

Step 2:- A new pop-up window will be opened with “Library” as its title. Now Click on ” Import and Backup ” button.


Step 3:- Here you can find “Backup” & “Export Bookmarks from Html”. If you want to take backup in json file format, you can select Backup and give a name to your backup file and save it as json, else if you want to take backup in html file format, you can select “Export Bookmarks to Html” and name the file to save it as html.

Step 4:- Taking Back-up of your data alone isn’t important, but you need to keep it safe so that even if you format the Operating system, you can import back your bookmarks to firefox. What shall we do for that? You can upload these files to your favorite cloud storage services like Ubuntu One / Dropbox / Google Drive.


Step 5:- Now importing your data back to firefox is easy as you exported bookmarks. Repeat Steps 1 & 2. Instead of backup, click on “Restore” if your backup file is in json format (or) click on “Import Bookmarks from Html”. Your bookmarks will be back as before. Enjoy :-)