[How To] Enable Facebook Integration with Firefox 17

Firefox 17 has been released recently. You can download from here or you can update from your existing Firefox from Help -> About Firefox and updates will downloaded automatically and will be installed if you are using Firefox 15/16. If you are using older versions like 14 or before you have to download the new version and install.

Firefox 17 has become more Smart, Secure and Social. Social, because now Facebook can be integrated with Firefox 17 with the first version of Social API Integration. Once you are upgraded or installed to Firefox 17, follow our steps to Integrate your Facebook account with Open source web browser Firefox.

Step 1: Open Firefox and enter the below URL

Step 2: Login into your Facebook account in that page and Click on Turn-On button in the page once you login into your account.

Step 3: You can see Facebook has been integrated with Firefox along the address bar a.k.a awesomeness bar.

What can you do?

1. You can toggle between Show / Hide the sidebar
2. Remove Facebook integration from Firefox
3. Check and approve friend requests
4. Read & Reply for messages
5. Check for notifications
6. Read Newsfeeds and
7. Of-course Enjoy Chatting with friends :-) Have Fun.