[How-To] Stream FM Radio Stations from VLC Player

Even though today we have TV Channels, Websites that streams Songs, still there are lot of people who love hearing to FM commentary and Songs to have a good pass time. Here we show you how to stream fm radio stations from Internet via VLC Media Player.

Step 1: Find the URL of the live broadcast of your favorite FM station

You have to google for it to find it.

Here as a example we use a URL of Chennai’s Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM stations live feed.

URL:- (Copy this URL)

Step 2:- Open VLC Media Player and Press Ctrl + N

Open VLC

Open VLC

Ctrl + N & Paste URL

Ctrl + N & Paste URL

Step 3: Play Live or Save to HDD


To Save to Disk


Click on Browse and Choose a path and Filename to save


Choose the format to Save



The file will be saved in the path you chose with the filename you chose. Click on Stop button in VLC to stop Recording to Disk, then you can open the File to play whenever you want !

Note:- You can also set up a web-server to stream FM Radio from VLC player.

Well that’s it. Enjoy, Wish you all a Happy New Year 2013