Variety – More than just a wallpaper changer

If you are looking for a cool Wallpaper changer for your desktop that automatically changes the wallpaper there are some in Ubuntu, but what we found is a tool named ” Variety ” which does variety of work as the name implies.

Installing in Ubuntu 12.04 / 12.10

You can install Variety via Ubuntu Software Center, but we do not recommend that way because the Variety app in the Ubuntu software center has to be updated in 12.04, it is still in older version. So we here recommend you to install it via PPA provided below. The latest version available is Variety 0.4.12.

1. Open you terminal and run the below commands one by one in your terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:peterlevi/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install variety

2. Once the installation is completed, you can start Variety from the Dash launcher (check screenshot below)


3. Now you can find Variety running as a Tray app in the Ubuntu top panel (check Screenshot below)


Changing Preferences

As promised, it is a wallpaper changer. It not only changes the wallpaper which you have in your local disk, but you can also add pictures from Web all you have to do is to provide the link to variety so that it can download your pictures or other’s pictures from your favourite sites like flickr, picasa, openPhoto, instagram, etc.,

1. Open Variety preferences by clicking on the Tray icon on the top panel.

2. On General tab you can set time interval to change the wallpaper, set sources (i.e adding a new local folder, adding URL’s to fetch images from), set time interval to download images from Internet, Limit the size of download, set a target directory, etc.,

3. On Effects tab you can apply list of available effects to the wallpaper either present locally or fetched from internet, you can make it to display quotes of your taste like Inspirational from famous authors. You are allowed to customize the text color, background, transparency, time interval, placement of the quote on the desktop. You can make a digital clock to be displayed on the screen.

4. Do not miss the “Tips and Tricks” tab, which gives you shortcuts to use Variety.

5. You can Donate money to the development team who has put lot of efforts to bring such a beautiful app with Variety of functionalities. You also have a tab for that.

6. You can share Quotes, Wallpapers to social networking site Facebook. Click on “Share on Facebook” which is a option you get when you click on the Tray Icon.


Here are some of the screen-shots that Variety could do

Click Thumbnails to get Full Image

We would rate 5 / 5 for this App and ” Variety is more than just a Wallpaper Changer “.

This is an Open-Source app and you can get the source from the Launchpad website if you wish to add new features. Click here.

Note:- You can also install this on any Debian or Ubuntu based distro’s running any Desktop Environment like KDE, GNONE, XFCE, LXDE, MATE, ect., If you are LinuxMint user, you come under Ubuntu based distro.