Mozilla focusing on Mobile with new CTO

While we are continuously hearing about the Firefox OS for Lower-end Smartphone from Mozilla which is a combination of Linux kernel running as a base & Mozilla’s B2G (Boot 2 Gecko) Rendering engine running on top of it to deliver top class performance powered completely by Technologies like HTML, Javascript used in web, Mozilla welcomes new Chief Technical officer Brenden Eich.

Brenden Brenden Eich is not someone who is new to Mozilla. He was a founder of Mozilla and the Inventor of Javascript. Mozilla is very happy in welcoming it’s new CTO and this change is very important for them as their on-going Boot2Gecko and Firefox OS are based on the Javascript itself and the inventor himself is now the Chief Technical Officer, who will definitely guide Mozilla’s Engineering team in a right path. Brenden posted about this in his blog here.

Firefox OS

Mozilla Boot 2 Gecko

While everything is now in the right place, everyone at Mozilla is very happy and positive to deliver their commitment of Firefox OS in the mid of this 2013. Soon we can expect a commercial version of Firefox Powered smartphone in the market.