Control Linux with your Voice

Microphone_gold Apple iPhone has got Siri to control and carry on certain tasks which made Android users to stare at what response does Google do for them. As a result came the Google Voice Search, integrated with certain Android Phones.

Results showed Google Voice search can do more than Siri, while Siri got stuck up at certain circumstances like the one ” Call Ambulance” and which called the owner of the phone “Ambulance”.

Now here comes something special to Ubuntu developed by James McClain. It performs reasonably cool tasks that one would enjoy using it. Here is a Video demo of the same.

While this is now demoed for Ubuntu, James says, this will be used in any Gnu/Linux distribution when released. Once the program comes out of beta and available to end-users, the source code will also be released (Open Source).

For now we have only this video demo and nothing else. Soon we can expect this in Ubuntu Software Center and executable binaries (deb, rpm, etc.,) along with source code to compile and install.

Ubuntu developers are also working on a Voice recognition system to be used with Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets and this is a separate project.