Design Guidelines for Ubuntu Phones

One of the biggest announcement in the Linux world and much expected device of the Year is a Smartphone from Ubuntu. The demo shown my the founder of Canonical and Ubuntu Mark Shuttleworth  at the start of this year received appreciation from even non Linux users.

There were also debates around the Web raising concern that ‘ If Ubuntu can succeed in the Smartphone market competition while Apple and Google have already almost saturated the market and also Ubuntu is late to the Market “. 

I myself feel that, Ubuntu is not here to compete anyone. It is yet another Alternate in the Smartphone market. Instinct is that People gets bored when they get used to same old stuff and people always expects new things at regular interval. So any frustrated iOS or Android user would look for alternative and Ubuntu Phone along with the Jolla and Firefox OS provides the alternatives.

This is the advantage of the Open Standards, while people have variety of choices to choose from and not something like One closed company like Apple and Microsoft pushing iPhones and Windows phones to users.

For App designers – Ubuntu Phones

Ubuntu developers have recently released the Guidelines for design specifications in order to help the Application developers who would love to develop apps for Ubuntu phones. With their design application will look neat with Ubuntu fonts and with new pattern of design. While the design specifications looks promising, we are looking forward the device soon in this October 2013 at North America.