Get a Fedora Operating System DVD for Free

Ubuntu reached lakhs of people because of it’s free shipping CD all around the world. Unfortunately Canonical stopped free-shipping of CD / DVD’s since Ubuntu 11.04. But still Ubuntu is Free and always will be downloaded from their website if anyone wishes to try it out and use.


Now it’s time for Fedora to do what Canonical (parent of Ubuntu) has stopped. Fedora community announces FreeMedia project by which anyone around the world can subscribe to get a Free DVD of Fedora 18.

This is a volunteer driven initiative by local Fedora developers / ambassadors, which means local fedora contributors / ambassadors / developers do this in their free time without expecting anything in return from user or the community. This shows their passion towards taking computing to anyone as a community. I really appreciate their efforts.

I want a DVD

So You want a free DVD from Fedora. You should fill out a form here. Once filled a new Ticket will be opened, an E-mail will be sent for you and this ticket will be reviewed by a local Fedora ambassador based on your region. Your ticket may be rejected in case if you did not provide proper information or complete information.

Please remember only one DVD per person, other duplicate requests will be rejected.

When will I receive it?

Since this is a volunteer driven program, you cannot expect it to get delivered in 2-3 or 4-5 working days like what other online services like Flipkart, ebay do them commercially as business. Volunteers will do it in their free time. They may take some time to Burn images in DVD, it may take some days for them to wait until a reasonable number of request for FreeDVD’s to come and then send them in Post in bulk in single day. So once you register, keep doing what you were doing, You will receive it sooner or later.

Spread this word to your friends, relatives and families. Let them also taste the Freedom with Fedora.

  • Great work Fedora 😀
    Already ordered one, even though i’m not a fan of the latest release.

  • useful information. thanks :)

  • where is the address for fedora 18

  • evano oruvan

    Hi In Media Column What i need to choose for my Pc
    Workstation or KDE or Server or someother ??

    • Vikrant Chauhan

      kde is just sort of themes go for workstation