How to install LibreOffice 4.0 in Ubuntu 12.10 12.04 11.10 11.04 10.04


There are news surrounding web that Microsoft is in plan to port their complete Office Suite, Microsoft Office in 2014 to Linux based Operating systems, but still there is no official word from Microsoft. This has created a positive, negative and neutral response from the existing Linux users.

The reason for neutral response is that those users never care about the news because they have various free and open source office suites like LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc., And to mention The Document Foundation, functioning from Berlin, Germany who is behind the LibreOffice Office suite has recently upgraded to the new version of libreoffice version 4.0 which is considered to be a milestone for the office suite with major features added to it.

Adding to the above they also got a brand new design for the website which is much appreciated. Have a look here.

To install LibreOffice-4.0 in Ubuntu

Step 1: Uninstall older version of LibreOffice

New version of LibreOffice is not yet added to the Ubuntu repository but we can install it manually. LibreOffice comes default with Ubuntu, So in order to install new version, the existing older version should be completely removed from your system. Do the following in your terminal:

sudo apt-get remove libreoffice-*

The above command will remove all the packages related to LibreOffice.

Step 2: Download LibreOffice 4.0 for Ubuntu

Download LibreOffice 4.0 for Ubuntu / Debian. Note that this link is for 32-bit and you can select 64-bit or download for rpm from link at the bottom of this page. You can also choose your local / regional language to use LibreOffice.

Tar.gz files will be downloaded. Once Download is completed, Right click the tar.gz file and select Extract here. 

A new folder will be extracted, rename the folder as libreoffice4

Step 3: Install LibreOffice

In order to install, Open the Terminal and navigate to the extracted folder

cd ~/Downloads/libreoffice4/DEBS/

Now execute the following commands,

sudo dpkg -i *.deb
cd desktop-integration && sudo dpkg -i *.deb

that’s it you are done.

Step 4: Set a theme for your Libreoffice using Firefox Personas

One of the new feature integrated with LibreOffice 4 is to set a theme for User-Interface using Firefox Persona.

Go to Personas website and browse for persona which you like the most and copy the URL of that particular Persona.

Now Open LibreOffice and go to Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Personalization -> Own Persona -> Select Persona

A new pop-up window will be opened and this where you need to paste the URL of your Persona.