Ubuntu for Tablets – Revealed

tablet-home-portrait As promised on seamless integration of its Operating System in diversity of devices , Ubuntu announced their OS for Tablets. Prior to the announcement a count-down timer on their website which made the announcement ” Tick, Tock, its Tablet Time “. A month back Ubuntu made announcement on Ubuntu for Phones and demoed at CES 2013.

And as the Countdown timer came to the end, Mark-Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical Ltd. and Ubuntu appeared on the Video of the Ubuntu for tablets page on Introducing Ubuntu for Tablets Optimized. There are also rumors about ‘ one of the very largest Silicon supplier for mobile industry is ready to optimize Ubuntu for Phone and Tablets on their Chips and the announcement would come late February ‘ sources said. If that happens, then definitely Ubuntu fans would be at Cloud-9.

From there the healthy competition begins with Firefox OS and Jolla Sailfish. Healthy competition, because all the 3 are Open Source and so competition would highly improve the User experience with new features, innovations and of-course reasonable Price.

Watch Ubuntu for Tablets – Full Video ( 6 min )

Few of them claimed Ubuntu is late to the market, ” No matter, Ubuntu is Unique “.

This is not yet another Tablet OS, while there are features that makes Ubuntu Unique

  1. Desktop Convergence – Connect a Keyboard and a mouse to tablet and it becomes Ubuntu Desktop Operating system.
  2. Dock Ubuntu Phones – Dock your Ubuntu Phone with Tablet and now tablet becomes Phone and tablet
  3. True Multitasking – While you can have Phone apps running at the side and simultaneously doing your work with tablet apps.
  4. Multiple User Accounts – Just like PC Operating system, to isolate user data and privacy and Interface settings.
  5. Gesture & Voice – There is no tapping to open apps, all are gesture based and HUD based Voice control system is under development.
  6. Web + Native Apps – Whether it is a Web app or a Native App, it runs both and running Android apps would be much easier.
  7. Neat Design & Interface – Design is so intuitive that everyone started to love it, with Ubuntu fonts things are very neat.

Ubuntu for Tablets will be demoed at MWC (Mobile World Congress 2013) Show live. What else ! Patience is important for now. Let’s wait for next announcement.