Meet Albert – your ultimate launcher for Linux

Linux might sound too difficult and pretentious to some of you, but, as a matter of fact, it provides the user total freedom in the consideration of what’s important and necessary to be used. Moreover – with the huge invasion of more and more new programs and software types for our convenience in work and fun in leisure, Linux might become what you need – from A to Z. And speaking of all of these, we would like now to focus your attention on launchers for Linux. Indeed, you can probably find one or two of them, but we have succeeded to pick up the most beneficial and easiest to be operated with launcher for your Ubuntu-based system. We are happy to introduce Albert – cool, useful and extremely attractive!

Meet Albert – your quick and not heavy at all launcher for Linux!

Albert is comparatively a new program. The moment it appeared on the market, it has been considered as one of the latest best fast launchers for Linux. Many people determine it as similar to the old, but gold Alfred for Mac, as well as to the Linux-based Synapse. Though, note that Albert definitely boasts with its contemporary look and cool set of features to take benefits of. With this launcher, you can from now on launch any applications you’d like, as well as to open different types of files and even do your searching process in the web.

What are the general features that Albert launcher offers?

  • Running applications
  • Opening files
  • Reviewing bookmakrs – including on Firefox
  • Online web search process
  • Calculations and expressions with maths
  • Availability of configurable modules, i.e. you might both – add and remove different web searches, as well as to determine the files to be indexed
  • Availability of interesting search engine. Note that this feature is not turned on by defaults, but on the contrary – you can enable it for each module you want to.
  • Possibility of action modifications with the special pressing keys.
  • Availability of configurable hotkey, as well as of the maximum amount or number of the browser history, proposals and subtexts for different items – either selected, or unselected
    3 themes included in the package.

And now you might ask us why Albert, but not any other Linux launcher? The answer comes right away. The thing is that Albert launcher is unique and cool for its quick speed of processing, as well as with its lightweight. Moreover – this launcher offers you desktop environment agnostic since it is written in C++ and generated by Qt5 and the best news is that you can choose any DE you desire. Select between Unity, LXQt, Xfice, LXDE, Cinnamon and etc.

Install Albert – launcher for Linux

Author of Albert is Manuel Schneider and you can find it here. Of course you can isntall Albert from source but installing it from repository is easy.

Here are commands that you need to run in order to install it.

howopensource@esprimo:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
howopensource@esprimo:~$ sudo apt-get update
howopensource@esprimo:~$ sudo apt-get install albert

Be aware that currently Albert launcher is at alpha stage and finding bugs is quite possible. However, after our personal check, we have observed only one single problem. Be aware that the launcher has a very small size – averagely 10 MB taken from your RAM. However, once the user settles Albert to index, many files will disappear and you will receive about 300 MB more. For this purples, do not put too many folders filled with many files in the Fileindex Module. In case you find other bugs, feel free to make a report for them by using the following link with some contact information of the Albert team.

Users, who don’t want the PPA added, can follow this link in order to download the available debs. In case you are looking for source code check out github repo.

Start Albert

To start it simply type the following command.

howopensource@esprimo:~$ albert &

When you start Albert for the first time it will tell you that there is no hot key defined. So you need to define one in settings. For testing purposes I set Ctrl+Z.

Launcher Albert Start for First Tme

Launcher Settings Hotkey

Here are other screenshot of settings.

Launcher Settings Module

Albert Launcher About Screen

To activate Albert just press the hotkey that you defined and start typing. Here are some nice screen shots from it.

Launcher Search Web for HowOpenSource

Ubuntu Linux Launcher Start Typing

Launch Program Ubuntu

Also note that Albert quick launcher does not allow you to make it run automatically – even via the settings – so in order to load the program, when you login, you should put it in your list of start-up applications by hand.

  • Rho

    in order to save properly the keyboard shortcut IT IS NEEDED to exit the program pressing the F4 key. Cheers.

  • MoreChannelNoise .

    For me nothing beats the flexibility of Dmenu and it’s much lighter weight too.