Ideas, Conceptions and Tips for Amazing Ubuntu Linux Fonts

It is not a mystery for anyone that creative and mostly – different and available to be selected and chosen – fonts for Linux Ubuntu were quite restricted and limited. The reasons for this issue are several, but the main ones of them are closely connected to the BCI patent introduced by Apple, as well as the lack of free of charge high-quality and good-looking fonts. Though, thankfully, things are not the same anymore and you have finally rewarded with the chance to make your Ubuntu Linux font just lovely and in several cases and comparisons even much better than fonts for Mac or any Windows OS version. This article is devoted to these possibilities and we are about to show you several amazing and totally outstanding ideas and conceptions, which will transfer your Linux system into a fabulous desktop. Follow our tips and use the next tricks to make your Ubuntu fonts as sympathetic as you want them to be!

At first, before we start the main explanation of these tricks and tutorials, you need to become aware that there are 2 particular things we are going to do in order to get the Ubuntu Linux fonts so classy and attractive. The very first thing is to have some really creative fonts for the system. And then, as the second thing, we will tweak the .fonts.conf file through the home directory. This configuration file, as a matter of fact, gives the Ubuntu client a chance to eliminate the available system font settings such as the sub pixel, antialiasing, rendering, auto-hinting, hinting and so on.

In this post we will show you the tweaks, which are able to present identical font rendering on any type of Linux distro that are offered by the BCI hinting – Byte code interpreter. So let’s begin with the particular acts for getting superb Ubuntu fonts.

Find good looking fonts

With the first act, you need to find and get more attractive and better fonts for your Linux Ubuntu system. Note that all of the suggestions and offers from Google Webfont Store are absolutely free of charge and available for downloading. Use the link to check them out and make up your mind for the best choice among them.

And this is the list of the fonts you should consider and overview:

Droid Sans
Droid Sans Mono
Droid Serif
Noto Sans
Noto Serif
Open Sans

Of course you can select any other fonts.

Because Google Fonts Directory contains a lot of fonts use filter box in left-upper corner of screen.

Free Google Fonts Store

Then, proceed with the downloading of the font files. Keep in mind that Google provide all of them in one whole file in zip format. You should better download all of the styles and encodings to have a choice.

Google Fonts Style Select Screen

Free Fonts Charset Select

Final step is ti scroll up, navigate to download button (bottom down arrow) and click it. Then a new scree will appear and then you need to click on first link that says download as .zip file.

Google Fonts Download as ZIP File

Installing Fonts on Ubuntu

When the downloading process is completed, proceed with the extraction of the files in some directory. You can do this via Ubuntu File Manager by right mouse click and then select option Extract Here. Next step is to navigate to that directory and to double click on a font file or again right click and select Open With Font Viewer.

Ubuntu Font Viewer - Open Font

Then click the button Install on the right upper corner of the screen. If font is installed already button will be disabled and will be written Installed instead.

Ubuntu Font Install

Additional Information to consider and know

The Ubuntu wiki page on fonts is provided with font configuration xml and the provider is Obi Bok. It is entirely oriented on the ability to make the Windows XP style clearer and better for your Linux system with the usage of fonts for Microsoft. So this means that you need to process and installation of the fonts by Microsoft. Choose from the following: Times New Roman, Arial, Georgia, Tahoma, Verdana or any style you love and like at most.

You can find the available fonts on Linux Ubuntu in the ttf-mscorefonts-installer pack, which is placed in the repository. Install these fonts, put the xml settings in your configuration file and have your Ubuntu fonts looking exactly like the fonts in Windows XP. By the way – they will become even greater than those in the XP.

Of course, you might be ok with these fonts for Microsoft, but to be honest with you – they are a bit old-fashioned and you have the real chance to integrate even better fonts for your Ubuntu Linux system. In order to make it suitable for Open Sans, Droid and Noto font types, you need to modify the general default fonts.conf with the Obi Bok. Soon you will be displayed the results by this modification.

Configure Programs To Use New Fonts

We go on with the configuration of the desktop (either the GNOME, or the KDE), as well as the web in order to have greater font renderings just like we have planned it above. So if you have Google Chrome web browser installed – open it, navigate to font settings and change it. If you need help how to install Google Chrome read article.

You can do the same for default browser Mozilla Firefox that comes pre-installed on Ubuntu. And of course you can do it for other applications such as GEdit, Terminal, etc. Here is a screen showing GEdit with a Droid Sans Mono font in use.

Test Font Droid Sans Mono